Amazing Journey with God in Our 'New Normal' Education

16 July 2020

Thank you for taking your time to visit our site. We would like to share the story of how we have prepared so far as a school especially during this Pandemic (Covid 19) situation.

To us, it has been an amazing journey with God, comprised of millions of big and small remarkable experiences. As we all noticed, starting from last March the situation has made us to take a difficult decision which is we all have to learn and work from our home. From that point on, Dharma Mulya Christian School has made a lot of changes and preparation to be well prepared to deal with the situation that has never been experienced by anyone or any schools all around the world.


There are couple of things that we (as a school) would like to share regards to “New Normal” ways in terms of our process in delivering the education to our students:

1. We make a different way of delivering the education to all of our students by doing it full online and using Learning Management System (LMS) in every levels (PG,KG, First & Secondary level)

2. We modify the curicullum for the students based on the guideline that has been launched by Ministry of Education and Culture and we adjust the curicullum refer to the top priority competences that we would like the students to learn and to have as a basic pilar in their process of learning.

3. We build a different way of doing the assessment for the students by implementing project based learning and collaborative learning.

4. From the parents point of view, We activate the Parents Community more fully to help every parents during the learning process because we realize parents have important role during online learning process.

5. We launch the new line of communicating between parents and schools by adding “student care” session every day after online school hours.


As we all may noticed that we are now entering the new way of education; It means the institution, teacher, staff together with parents have to work hard everyday to help and also to shape our students to be strong and knowledgeable individuals who serve others with love, integrity, accountability, courage, and confidence. These students will fullfil the world’s hunger for leaders who possess self-management skills, good communication skills, astute decision makers, creative & innovative problem solvers, tech savvy, and have great people skills. Our students are leaders in the making and eventually will be sent to transform others and will be the agent of change.



Lastly, we (as a school) believe that education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world. However, we also believe that education on its own is not enough. As christians, we believe that values, knowledge and skills that have been taught will grow deeply and stronger if it is delivered along together with character education (in our case) based on christian education values. And during this Pandemic situation this will be still our main vision and we hope together collaboratively with the parents this vision will grow evenmore.

I pray and I wish all the best for each of us. Stay healthy and stay strong in God. Be blessed!



Stefy C. Tjandradjaja., S.E., M.B.I., M.M.

School Director of Dharma Mulya Christian School







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